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Good News For Our Customer. Read This!

Good News For Our Customer. Read This!

Start 16 October 2019, we remove all cliparts from our studio B. But Our Studio Added awesome features resource from flaticon.

Here you can search/ browse and change colour for every icon you choose. But the Limit 100 icon per hours for FREE. ( i will check it again if its per hours or per days)

No need to worried and waste your time to upload the icon. Here you can search More than 2204500 (Its Million icon) + Free vector icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as ICON FONT. Thousands of free icons in the largest database of free vector icons!

Its very powerful right?

I will upload the gif image or video here, so you can reffer how to do it by yourself. Just click it. No need to worries if u doesnt know about the design. But you need to understand in english. Because you need search the icon in English. If you dont understand it, you can use google translate. now its all in your fingertips. hehehe

If you very familiar with you can see they have flaticon Editor, which means you can customize your icon in a few easy steps.

  • Find the icon and click “edit” – At Flaticon we have a grand variety of icons in different styles and you can edit all of them.
  • Choose the color you want to replace – Choose the color you want to use or insert color code.
  • Adjust the icon appearance – You can flip the icon, rotate it, move it to the left/right/up/down and, of course, scale as you like.

You can try here :Flaticon Editor

flaticon editor
flaticon editor

Actually if you see the flaticon editor, the function is same with our Online Studio Editor. If you use from flaticon editor, you need to download the icon and upload it again. but with us, you just only browse through millions of icons at Flaticon and click it!.

Its so easy right?

you can edit its size, position and colors until you find the appropriate style for you at our online studio editor just like flaticon editor.


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